9.09.2022 – “The sports cards are in the prenup”

One reason to be jealous of Michigan. Who will fill the open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court? Whats happening in Wisconsin beer? Mayor Johnsons population goal for Milwaukee.
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Michigan will have an initiative on its ballot this November r

The Midwest National Anthem

Under a new bill proposed by Senator Patrick Testin (R-Stevens Point), it would be illegal for some sports venues to skip the national anthem before games in Wisconsin. The bill, labeled the Star Spangled Banner Act, would require the anthem to be played before all sporting events held in venues that receive taxpayer funding. That […]

Aaron Rodgers, the Engaged MVP

Despite the Packers’ devastating playoffs loss, Aaron Rodgers did come away with a sweet MVP award for his stand-out season. At least he brought Wisconsin some national attention. But in worse news for Wisconsin women — and arguably the entire Packers fanbase — Rodgers got engaged. 29-year-old “Big Little Lies” actress Shailene Woodley confirmed on […]

Wisconsin Sports Never Fail to Disappoint

It feels like every year one of our teams hints at greatness but comes up just short. That’s even worse than just sucking, because we’re left wondering what could’ve been. CONTENT WARNING: This article includes a deep, troubling recap of what it means to be a Wisconsin sports fan. Here’s the breakdown: Brewers We first […]

Story Time: The Bears Still Suck

the bears still suck

Let’s talk about Trubisky It’s no secret that the Bears still suck. The funny part is they easily could’ve not sucked, and maybe even won a Super Bowl if their draft coordinator didn’t have a love affair with Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky, more like Tru(ble)isky. In 2017, the Bears had the third pick in the NFL […]

Origin of the Cheesehead

Wisconsin and the Cheesehead hat just seem to go together like Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers or Vince Lombardi and Lambeau Field.  Get the idea? We’re talking sports. “You’re a Cheesehead” While the term “cheesehead” is thought to have originated as a slanderous term used by the Nazis in World War II, more […]

What’s Up with People Fighting for their right to party?

What’s Up with People Fighting for their right to party_

We took a week off to remind you to complete your census but we’re back and – holy cranberries Batman – is there a lot to cover: Packer face masks  Poop in the mail And that it turns out, those liberate Wisconsin protestors were fighting for their right… to party. To party? Packers The NFL […]

What’s Up with the Draft during COVID?

This week we cover: The Green Bay Packers draft choices New beer from Ale Asylum Governor Tony Evers turning the dial Wood Shop Guillotines Two new economic plans The fact that cats are a**holes The Green Bay Packers draft choices Despite sports being canceled, for now, Packers fans are still finding a way to come […]

What’s Up with Pence Promoting AIDs?

This week we cover: A state of emergency #ReOpenWisconsin signs COVID-19 Reduction plans My concern for David Bakhtiari’s health And Pence promoting AIDS… for breathing. A state of emergency Governor Evers declared a state of emergency due to elevated wildfire conditions in response to Juneau County’s, 234-acre fire last Saturday. The fire started despite the […]