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AGW Radio Show

As Goes Wisconsin gets its own show

For once, video didn’t kill the radio star. It may have actually helped create one. It may not be a hit show (yet) but everything you love about As Goes Wisconsin videos will now be a daily radio show on

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Why do we Vote on Tuesdays?

What’s Sacred about Tuesday? Turns out… nothing. For almost 200 years, Americans have been voting on Tuesdays. We don’t really

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Dairy Farmer for a Day

It’s hard to appreciate dairy farmers when you don’t really know what they do June is Dairy Appreciation Month. But

#1 Exporter of what_

#1 Exporter of What?

Wisconsin is an agricultural and manufacturing powerhouse. From dairy to cheese to beer and bull semen, it produces it all.

Pop Quiz: Voter Fraud

POP QUIZ: How many cases of potential voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election have Wisconsin election officials found? Nearly