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Humorous, opinionated and insightful musings on Wisconsin news, history and culture written by contributors from around the state

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Millions of Americans could file their taxes for free starting in 2025

How would you like to file your taxes for free?

Be honest – how much money do you typically spend to do your taxes? Is it more or less than $270? Because thats what the average American spends. Which may not seem like a lot until you multiple that by

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Kristin Does Monona

Kristin Does Monona

Welcome to Monona Located far enough away from the capital, yet close enough to escape the city’s hustle and bustle,

Why do we Vote on Tuesdays?

What’s Sacred about Tuesday? Turns out… nothing. For almost 200 years, Americans have been voting on Tuesdays. We don’t really

Farmer for A Day (1)

Dairy Farmer for a Day

It’s hard to appreciate dairy farmers when you don’t really know what they do June is Dairy Appreciation Month. But

#1 Exporter of what_

#1 Exporter of What?

Wisconsin is an agricultural and manufacturing powerhouse. From dairy to cheese to beer and bull semen, it produces it all.