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Story Time: The Bears Still Suck

the bears still suck

Let’s talk about Trubisky

It’s no secret that the Bears still suck. The funny part is they easily could’ve not sucked, and maybe even won a Super Bowl if their draft coordinator didn’t have a love affair with Mitch Trubisky.

Trubisky, more like Tru(ble)isky.


Cheering for the Bears today only so we can beat them again next Sunday. #packers #bearsstillsuck #nflplayoffs #superbowlbound

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In 2017, the Bears had the third pick in the NFL Draft. And they wanted Mitch Trubisky so badly they gave up their third and fourth picks. Turns out that third round pick turned out to be Alvin Kamara, a New Orleans Saint who has 21 touchdowns just this year.

Also, when they picked Trubisky, Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes were still on the board. Despite being a star player, it was probably smart to pass on Watson given the 23 lawsuits that came out in March 2021 alleging sexual harassment and assault against the quarterback.

On the other hand, Mahomes was definitely a missed opportunity. He might’ve even brought a Super Bowl home to the Windy City. But it’s the Bears, so I don’t exactly have any empathy for their terrible draft skills.

Meanwhile, Trubisky has been giving off Cutler vibes in his last four seasons. He ranked 28th in touchdowns for the 2019 NFL season and is rated as one of the worst starters in the league. I’d argue that’s worse than Mahomes, who’s been consistently ranked as the best quarterback in the league in 2020. Even above Aaron Rodgers, which is debatable.

It’s easy to criticize a team’s draft picks after a few years in the league. But the Bears should’ve at least known a guy named “Mitch” would do worse than a “Patrick,” “Deshaun,” or “Alvin.” If you’re looking for an oil change or a guy to take you on a date to Olive Garden, Mitch is your man. Super Bowls not so much though.


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