Moving Wisconsin Forward, one joke at a time.

As Goes Wisconsin is a mission-driven digital media initiative that believes there is a fun, innovative, and uncomplicated way to talk about state and local politics while still celebrating all things Wisconsin.

We create content that informs, entertains, and inspires civic engagement because it’s up to all of us to do our part to keep Wisconsin moving forward.

Kristin Brey Headshot

Founder & Chief Content Creator

Kristin Brey

Kristin Brey is a writer, digital producer and comedian whose work can be defined by three pursuits:

  1. Getting people to laugh
  2. Making the super complicated super not
  3. Motivating more ppl to give a damn

While born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Kristin spent half her life bouncing around the coasts and changing career paths almost as often as she changed her hair color, including:

  • Pursuing acting as a teenager in Hollywood
  • Graduating Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley
  • Managing tech bros on sales teams in Silicon Valley
  • Surviving open mic nights in New York City

In 2017, Kristin taught herself how to shoot and edit in order to create her YouTube series,
Below the Fold, her first foray into using comedy to break down complex topics through video.

In 2020, those disparate experiences, combined with a global pandemic and getting stuck at her parents’ place in central Wisconsin led to the creation As Goes Wisconsin. And as they say, the rest is history.

Kristin did manage to move out of her parents’ place, and now resides in Milwaukee with her boyfriend and their chihuahua, Big Cliff.


As Goes Wisconsin runs lean, but is certainly not a one-woman show. Check out our current and past contributors who help make this ship sail.

Ariel Elias

Contributing Writer 2020-2021

Will Romano Headshot

Will Romano

2021 Intern

Katie Headshot

Katie Polluck

2020-2021 Intern

Emma Headshot

Emma Anderson

2020 Intern


Hannah Bell

2020 Intern


Harrison Freuck

2020 Intern

Taylor Headshot

Taylor Meredith

2020 Intern

Cassidy Headshot

Cassidy Geise

2020 Intern


Shelby Foster

2020 Intern

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