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Interview: Maggie Ginsberg

Senior editor at Madison Magazine and Author, Maggie Ginsberg shares her new book, Still True which tells a story about family secrets and alcoholism in a fictional, rural Wisconsin town.

10.6.22 – Chocolate walnut cookies

Dr. Mike is back. Alcoholism in Wisconsin. Why, Dan Shafer? Getting to know Leah Spicer. One in Four Project.

(21:23) – Alcoholism in Wisconsin

Senior editor at Madison Magazine and Author, Maggie Ginsberg shares her new book, Still True whi

10.5.22 – Greg Bach’s last words

Co-host Greg Bach is back. Will you just stop? Domestic violence in Wisconsin. The Onion gets onion-y.

(7:07) – Will you just stop?

The Brown County Taxpayers filed a lawsuit Tuesday under claims that Bidens plan to cancel student loan debt has &nb

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10.4.22 – “Pro-life cupcake day?”

Edessa School of Fashion. Evers budget. Catching up with Francesca Hong.

21:09 – Edessa School of Fashion

Dean of Academics at Edessa School of Fashion, Lynne Dixon Speller talks about the first designated fashion college in the Midwest.


10.03.22 -“Ol’ Reliable”

Learning about Ginseng. UW System attempts to boost financial aid applications. Packers players pundit. Milwaukees image, past and present.

21:47 – Learning about Gingseng

President of Sus Ginseng Enterprise, Will Hsu tells us about Wisconsin Ginse

9.30.22 – Ron Johnson’s “scatue”

Bryan Kelly of Dueling Tangents joins. The Anger Professor is back. Create Wisconsin.

2:30 – Bryan Kelly joins

Actor and host of Dueling Tangents, Bryan Kelly recaps Wisconsin news.

1:06:20 – The Anger Professor is back

The Anger Professor, R

9.29.22 – “We’re up all night to get data”

Dr. Mike is back. On this date in Packers history. Wisconsin Policy Forum. Getting to know Danielle Johnson. Ben Brey translates the market.

21:15 – Dr. Mike is back

Dr. Mike is back and answering questions about life and fantasy football. Submit y

9.28.22 – “Always a street urchin never a Cratchit”

Greg Bach is back. January 6th hearing. Unpopularity contests. West Wing and Veep reunion. Kenosha is losing an ER. Milwaukee Comedy festival is just around the corner.

08:00 – Whats going on with the January 6th hearings

The January 6th hearings

9.26.2022 – “Flamethrowers vs. Bed Bugs”

Wauktober Beer and Wine Walk. Wisconsin bug guy. This weeks Packers pundit playback. Laura Lyons is back.

20:55 – Wauktober Beer and Wine Walk

Robin Grams from the City Of Waukesha Community Development Department tells us whats going on at this y

09.23.22- Little Jerry

Dr. Phil Rocco recaps Wisconsin news. Anne Wall tells us about her new book. Getting to know LuAnn Bird. Rosh Hashanah starts Sunday!

Dr. Phil Rocco recaps Wisconsin news of the week

Dr. Rocco talks about the political races happening in Wisconsin

09.22.22 – Should Wisconsin introduce referendums?

Dr. Mike is back. Evers and the special session. The Community. Getting to know Jessica Katzenmeyer.

Dr. Mike is back to to fix your life and your lineup

Dr. Mike answers questions about all things life and fantasy football.

Governor Evers cal

09.21.2022- “Gableman the mechanical bull”

Weekly co-host Greg Bach is back! States are banning billboards. People are getting screened for anxiety. Getting to know Brad Pfaff. National Mini Golf Day. On this day, The Hobbit was published.

0:04:57 – Should Wisconsin ban billboards?


09.21.2022 – It’s National Voter Registration Day!

David Crowley joins. National Voter Registration Day. Malaika Jabalis work in Wisconsin voting.

00:01:10 – David Crowley talks about whats going on in Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Executive, David Crowley talks about budget challenges and ac

09.16.2022 – THC-spiked seltzers

Marquette Law school survey results. The Human Rights Campaign. THC spiked Seltzer. Cedarburg Wine and Harvest Fest. Mildred Fish Harnack day.

0:03:51 – New Marquette Law School poll surveys Wisconsin voters

Democrat campaign strategist, Joe Zepec

09.15.2022 – “The boys are alright”

Brett Favre is under fire. On this day, the Ho-Chunk treaty was signed. Dr. Mike fixes your life and your lineup. Danielle Nabak talks about better food access. Ignite the Spirits founder, Joe Flick. 350 Wisconsin organizers Emily Park and Cris Unterberg

9.09.2022 – “The sports cards are in the prenup”

One reason to be jealous of Michigan. Who will fill the open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court? Whats happening in Wisconsin beer? Mayor Johnsons population goal for Milwaukee.
Hour 1

Michigan will have an initiative on its ballot this November r

9.08.22 – “The Tater Toot?”

Big day of talking to candidates & electeds. Dr. Mike fixes your life & your lineup. All Bands on Deck in Green Bays Shipyard District.
Hour 1

Rep. Katrina Shankland joins to talk about ten years of serving in the Wisconsin Assembly.