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Aaron Rodgers, the Engaged MVP

Despite the Packers’ devastating playoffs loss, Aaron Rodgers did come away with a sweet MVP award for his stand-out season. At least he brought Wisconsin some national attention.

But in worse news for Wisconsin women — and arguably the entire Packers fanbase — Rodgers got engaged.

29-year-old “Big Little Lies” actress Shailene Woodley confirmed on Jimmy Fallon that the couple have been engaged for a while but never told anyone.

Even more interesting, Woodley said she has never been to a football game in person and only began watching Rodgers’ games on TV when they started dating.

So what does this mean for Wisconsinites?

Well, people that only followed the Packers for Rodgers’ looks will have to remind themselves that Rodgers will likely never be single again. And for die-hard Packers fans, a wife can easily distract Rodgers from performing at his best.

Some even argue Woodley is to blame for the Packers’ playoff loss. That might be a stretch, but I could see it becoming a problem in the future.


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