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What’s Up with Pence Promoting AIDs?

This week we cover:

  1. A state of emergency
  2. #ReOpenWisconsin signs
  3. COVID-19 Reduction plans
  4. My concern for David Bakhtiari’s health
  5. And Pence promoting AIDS… for breathing.

A state of emergency

Governor Evers declared a state of emergency due to elevated wildfire conditions in response to Juneau County’s, 234-acre fire last Saturday. The fire started despite the DNR having suspended all burning permits for the last four weeks.

If you don’t want to get burned, listen to the experts who make their living by providing recommendations for public safety.

#ReOpenWisconsin signs

Protesters came out across the state last weekend to signal their anger about the stay-at-home extension. And despite having their permit denied and their Facebook event being removed, the Reopen Wisconsin rally is still happening today.

And while Bryan Westrate implored people to leave their Confederate flags and AK47s at home, we can all be relieved that the organizers did secure toilets.

TBD on the teepee.

I have zero interest in standing that close to a bunch of strangers right now, but I also understand that people are scared.

SBA money ran out immediately. Unemployment checks aren’t showing up. And even when businesses do open, how many customers are going to be there?

So I don’t want to defend or make fun of these protesters.

But I will make fun of some signs (fast forward to 1:19 in the video above)

  • Quoting a bible story (1:19)
  • The math problem (1:25)
  • Design Questions! (1:30)
  • Is this even a thumb? (1:41)
  • An appointment reminder (1:45)

COVID Reduction Plans

Governor Evers revealed his plan this week to reduce COVID-19 cases so that we can begin to reopen. He said that he was “jazzed and hopeful about the plan”.

Which is the same thing my mom said last night about the Packers’ first-round draft choice.

The Badger bounce-back plan follows Trump’s reopening America guidelines, including restrictions being lifted in three phases.

In order to enter phase one, Wisconsin needs to

  • see a decline of new COVID cases for two weeks straight;
  • have testing available for everyone with symptoms;
  • and leave reopening decisions to the department of health services.

Annnnnnd… it’s that last part that got the GOP to throw down their lawsuit card.


BUT Republicans aren’t suing to lift all restrictions per se….

They are suing so that the DHS secretary can’t make unilateral decisions without approval from a legislative committee

Which is kind of like your mom hiring a professional to get the possum out of the attic, but then your dad vetoing that decision and saying,

“Nah, I got this! Just give me an oven mitt and some tongs”

David Bakhtiari’s health

GOP leaders complained that the constant stream of executive orders are eroding both the economy and their liberty, even as the state has clearly seen a decline in COVID infections.

Which wasn’t true when they said it.

And certainly isn’t true now, since there were 225 new cases on Wednesday alone, many of those coming from Brown County, which as of yesterday had over 500 cases.

In case Brown County doesn’t ring a bell. That’s where the Green Bay Packers play. If David Bakhtiari gets COVID-19 and doesn’t resign in 2021, because of it, I swear to God!

Pence is promoting AIDS?!

In COVID adjacent news, Mike Pence showed up in Madison this week to highlight the increased production of ventilators at a GE healthcare manufacturing facility.

I don’t really know what constitutes highlighting….. Feels like a, uh, could have been an email kind of thing, but sure.

So finally, as of today, you can go, golfing. Cars are prohibited and club houses are closed and you can’t warm up on the driving range, but you can take a nice walk and mediocre weather and whack your frustrations out on a tiny ball.



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