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What’s Up with People Fighting for their right to party?

What’s Up with People Fighting for their right to party_

We took a week off to remind you to complete your census but we’re back and – holy cranberries Batman – is there a lot to cover:

  1. Packer face masks 
  2. Poop in the mail
  3. And that it turns out, those liberate Wisconsin protestors were fighting for their right… to party. To party?


The NFL released its 2020 schedule with the assumption it will have a full and normal season. So now, Packers season tickets holders have to choose whether or not they are willing to gather in large numbers at Lambeau.  Packers fans on the 30 year season ticket waiting list are hoping for a packed stadium. The team will also be sending two Packer face coverings to every season ticket holder – which are also available online at the Packers pro shop. And in an act of goodwill, the Packers will also be sending Viking fans face coverings to wear during their games.

Meat Packers

More news out of Green Bay: the city plans to help their ACTUAL packers. Despite not being considered “regular people” by Chief Justice Roggensack, Green Bay decided to use $100 thousand dollars of its federal relief funding to provide direct assistance to essential employees, including meat packers. It’s a rare move that is being heralded as well-done during this searingly difficult time.  Punny punny punny punny

What the hell is going on in Burlington?

In the most Billy Madison move since … Billy Madison – somebody mailed poop to Robin Vos. Then, a week after announcing his bid to run against Vos, Robert Prailes called off his campaign citing “some really ugly and personal attacks”. With all this partisan bullying in Burlington, where’s Melania’s Be Best campaign when you need it? 

Another Election

Wisconsin held its second election with in-person voting during a pandemic this week. And they said it couldn’t be done.  Or, that it shouldn’t be done? Tom Tiffany won over Tricia Zunker for the 7th District US Congress seat, replacing former MTV Real World star, Sean Duffy. Tiffany is honored to fill this role as one of 435 strangers picked to serve in the house and find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.

Anti-Taking Federal Money

The Wisconsin legislature wants you to know that it does not like taking federal money.

Exhibit A: 43 state lawmakers signed a letter asking to reject a federal bailout package for the states. And they managed to bash Illinois in the process.  They said, “we do know our neighbors to the south have spent decades spending and borrowing recklessly.” Which is the legal way of saying F&%! the Bears. 

Exhibit B: Wisconsin lawmakers proved how much they didn’t want to take federal money by losing out on $25 million in federal funding that would have helped Wisconsin pay for unemployment benefits because they waited too long to pass a covid-19 relief bill.

WI Supreme Court

And just when you thought that Wisconsin lawmakers losing millions of dollars or the fact that more Wisconsinites have voted twice this year than have been tested once were the two biggest stories that could happen this week… The WI supreme court overturned the Governor’s stay-at-home- orders.  

So what does that mean?  Well, some parts of Wisconsin are wide open. Some parts are not. And people are allowed to travel between the two. Basically, since the Supreme court allowed no grace period for a replacement to the order, cities, and counties around the state are issuing their own orders. 

The Tavern League of Wisconsin wasted no time and told bars they could open immediately. And open they did.  Pictures and videos of a packed Nick’s Tavern in Platteville made national news Thursday morning. Listen, this shouldn’t surprise anyone, we didn’t get the reputation of out drinking your state since 1848 for no reason. 


Finally, just a reminder for everyone celebrating Wisconsin’s freedom: Illinois is still locked down. It’s only a matter of time till the FIBs roll in and treat Lake Geneva like Vegas.  Listen, it’s all fun and games until Cubs start playing in beloit. 

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