Amtrak could finally connect Madison and Milwaukee

The Obvious Missed Connection If Amtrak receives the $80 billion in funding from President Biden’s infrastructure bill, this Milwaukee train station could see a whole lot more action. Amtrak recently released an “aspirational” plan for nationwide growth over the next 15 years and that growth would bring some welcome additions to Wisconsin, including new routes […]

Foxconn or Con job?

Dating back to 2017, Foxconn has had a storied past in Wisconsin. In 2017, they promised to bring jobs and innovation to Wisconsin. But since that time, Foxconn’s promises have fallen through time and time again. In 2019, they purchased a building in downtown Milwaukee that was supposed to become the company’s North American headquarters. […]

Drunk Driving, but Keep the License

Most people would probably shy away from drinking excessively after getting a permanent DWI on their record. They especially wouldn’t get behind the wheel again after drinking, right? Wrong. This Green Bay man did it 17 times after his first offense, and seems to have made it a hobby. Probably because the court never took […]

What’s Up with People Fighting for their right to party?

What’s Up with People Fighting for their right to party_

We took a week off to remind you to complete your census but we’re back and – holy cranberries Batman – is there a lot to cover: Packer face masks  Poop in the mail And that it turns out, those liberate Wisconsin protestors were fighting for their right… to party. To party? Packers The NFL […]

What’s Up with the Draft during COVID?

This week we cover: The Green Bay Packers draft choices New beer from Ale Asylum Governor Tony Evers turning the dial Wood Shop Guillotines Two new economic plans The fact that cats are a**holes The Green Bay Packers draft choices Despite sports being canceled, for now, Packers fans are still finding a way to come […]