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Amtrak could finally connect Madison and Milwaukee

The Obvious Missed Connection

If Amtrak receives the $80 billion in funding from President Biden’s infrastructure bill, this Milwaukee train station could see a whole lot more action.

This video was originally posted by UpNorthNews, as a contribution from AGW’s Kristin Brey. Follow @UpNorthNewsWI on social media.

Amtrak recently released an “aspirational” plan for nationwide growth over the next 15 years and that growth would bring some welcome additions to Wisconsin, including new routes with stops in:

These three new stops would stem from this station

…and extend west into Minnesota.

I don’t know why you’d want to go to there, but to each their own.

It would also increase and improve service between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Connecting Madison and Milwaukee via something other than the Badger Bus

It was proposed over 10 years ago by then- Gov. Jim Doyle but abandoned by Scott Walker.

The difference with Amtrak’s new proposal is that it would put Madison as hub that would service more than just one direction and use federal dollars to build it.

This Amtrak expansion would be a gift to Wisconsin because train travel can provide:


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