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Drunk Driving, but Keep the License

Most people would probably shy away from drinking excessively after getting a permanent DWI on their record. They especially wouldn’t get behind the wheel again after drinking, right?

Wrong. This Green Bay man did it 17 times after his first offense, and seems to have made it a hobby. Probably because the court never took away his license, which is reasonable.


Not doing a whole lot for Wisconsin’s drunk reputation. 18!?!? And still has a license!?!? #onlyinwisconsin #wisconsincheck

♬ GFDI DAVE. – ♦️♠️♣️♥️

73-year-old Wallace Bowers took out power lines and caused a local shortage during his 18th drunk driving experience. He still had his driver’s license at the time because a Wisconsin law revoking a person’s license after their 4th offense didn’t go into effect until 2018.

That seems like a law that should’ve been discovered before 2018, no? Definitely not for Wisconsin.

Hmm, should we take this man’s license away after almost killing someone four times? No, let’s give him another chance. He seems like he will get his life back together.

The greatest part of the incident is Bowers’ attorney Shane Brabazon’s statement on the 18th DWI: “Unfortunately, when we consume alcohol our ability to make good decisions disappears.” Brabazon seems like he just took his first DARE course and discovered the revolutionary idea that alcohol does in fact affect decision-making. And can even make it hard to drive!

Thankfully, if convicted, Bowers will face 15 years in prison and most importantly a lifetime driver’s license revocation. But there was definitely a way around this for the 73-year-old. Did his grandkids ever show him the Uber or Lyft apps? Those might’ve come in handy.


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