Mike Clemens Joins Civic Media

Mike Clemens join civic media

We chat with Civic Medias new sports reporter and old friend of Janes, Mike Clemens. They rehash the story of how the Packerena came into existence.

9.09.2022 – “The sports cards are in the prenup”

One reason to be jealous of Michigan. Who will fill the open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court? Whats happening in Wisconsin beer? Mayor Johnsons population goal for Milwaukee.
Hour 1

Michigan will have an initiative on its ballot this November r

Make it Make Sense: Not Expanding BadgerCare

Who says “no” to a billion dollars? Worse, money that would be spent to keep the citizens that elected you safer in their local communities? Wisconsin legislators recently rejected Gov. Evers’ proposal to use $1.6 billion in federal funding for local infrastructure projects in addition to expanding health coverage for Medicaid aka BadgerCare. Yup, you […]

The GOP Gives Evers’ Budget a Haircut

The Wisconsin state legislature’s budget-writing committee cut hundreds of proposals from Gov. Tony Evers’ two-year spending plan on May 6th. Wisconsin Republicans continue to be among the least willing politicians in the country to work in a bipartisan manner, stripping popular policies supported by Wisconsinites including health care access expansion, legalization of marijuana, and the […]

Wisconsin Senate Argument Over Dress Code

Chris v. Chris During a Wisconsin Senate session, an argument between Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) and Sen. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) over the dress code broke out on February 16th. After Larson started to speak about a bill, Kapenga interrupted. “Senator from the 7th, under Senate rule eight I’m going to request that you pop your […]

Gov. Evers’ State Budget Proposal summarized in dance

If you’re like most people, you probably have no freaking clue how a state budget works or who writes it or what it covers. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In Wisconsin, the state legislature makes most of the decisions about what should be included in the budget, but the governor also gets input. […]

Wisconsin Policy Forum Report: A Little Sales Tax Loophole

Welcome to “Summarizing Wisconsin Policy Forum Report, because only nerds read Wisconsin Policy Forum Report” First Up: Shift to online shopping helps taxpayers …but not the state budget. Let’s break it down! Not a shocker that last year the money we didn’t spend IRL was spent online. (Crazy right?) For example: I bought six pairs […]

Rainy Enough for the Rainy Day Fund?

One might assume a once-per-century pandemic, economic recession and social anarchy might justify using a rainy day fund. These things are about as worse as it gets, right? Well, for the Wisconsin Legislature, it’s just not rainy enough yet. Living conditions aren’t exactly spectacular in Wisconsin at the moment. A Struggling State 3.8% of the […]

State of the State – A 60-Second Recap

You may have been too busy watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist last night and missed Wisconsin’s State of the State. I get it! Jane Levy, much more entertaining than Tony Evers. I’m here to recap it for you – a couple things went down! The State of The State Address – Broken Down Evers started by […]

Wisconsin Can Predict the Future


What? What do you mean Wisconsin can predict the future? Today, we’re talking about how Wisconsin is the most influential state in the country, because as the name says ‘As goes Wisconsin, so it goes the nation.’ Which I know is a reference to swinging presidential elections! But what happens here is usually also a […]