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Wisconsin Can Predict the Future


What? What do you mean Wisconsin can predict the future?

Today, we’re talking about how Wisconsin is the most influential state in the country, because as the name says ‘As goes Wisconsin, so it goes the nation.’

Which I know is a reference to swinging presidential elections!

But what happens here is usually also a strong indicator of what the rest of the country will soon experience.

For better…. or WORSE.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘Kristin, come on! Wisconsin’s no New York or California, we don’t set trends!!

And sure! You may have a point – when it comes to trends like pastel bucket hats, cronuts, or fake ineffective snow boots, that’s true! We (thankfully) did not start those.

But when it comes to the fate of our nation, I’d argue that no other state is a better forecaster than Wisconsin.

Here’s the Proof:

  • We were the first state to implement workers’ compensation, child labor laws, and unemployment benefits. (You know, for the recently out of work children)
  • We had the pre-Trump Trump and Governor Walker, who won solely by doubling down on his conservative base (…and also had a weird thing about his hand size?!)
  • And before the country had 27 candidates running for president only to settle on an old white moderate dude to beat Trump, Wisconsin had 15 people running for governor only to settle on an old white moderate dude to beat pre-Trump Trump.

Did you catch all that?

Like I said, how Wisconsin goes is the best foreshadow we have for the fate of our nation. Wisconsin really can predict the future.

Wisconsin’s Future: 2021

So that’s why for 2021, As Goes Wisconsin is going to focus on informing you how we are or how we can move Wisconsin forward. But in, like, a fun way!

How do we create more, better paying jobs? How do we improve schools? How do we get people to move here and not leave the second they realized that it usually snows at least once in May?

We’re going to break down headlines and policies that make or break Wisconsin as a great place to live for everyone …and make you laugh while we do it.

So, you know, subscribe to the blog, follow us on socials, share with your friends and make sure to double tap when you can!


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