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Mike Clemens join civic media

Mike Clemens Joins Civic Media

We chat with Civic Media’s new sports reporter and old friend of Jane’s, Mike Clemens. They rehash the story of how the Packerena came into existence.

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Welcome Mike Clemens

Veteran Packers reporter Mike Clemens is the new sports reporter for Civic Media. He joins the show to talk about his background, and what he will be doing with Civic Media and reminisces with Jane about their Packerena collaboration.


This week’s AITA discussion from Reddit:

“My daughter (11F) rides the bus to school every morning out of convenience to my wife (41F) and I (43M). My wife leaves for work around 6:00 am and my daughter is picked up by the bus at 6:45 am. I work from home and my first conference is usually at 8:00 am. Even though I have a big enough time window to take my daughter to school I insisted that she rode on the bus so that she would have her own independence. She made friends on the bus and enjoyed taking it after just a few weeks. Suddenly though a boy that rides the same bus started picking on her. In her own words, he called her fat, piggy, ugly, whore, etc. After she told my wife and i what happened my wife wanted me to take our daughter to school. I explained that she needs to face on bullies instead of finding an easy out by me taking her. My wife got mad at me and accused me of only wanting to sleep in and not taking it serious enough. I love my daughter and I don’t want her to be called names but I don’t think she should have an easy solution that won’t require her to make her own decisions.”

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