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State of the State – A 60-Second Recap

You may have been too busy watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist last night and missed Wisconsin’s State of the State.

I get it! Jane Levy, much more entertaining than Tony Evers.

I’m here to recap it for you – a couple things went down!


Which WI issue should I cover first: 1. broadband access 2. Unemployment 3. Gerrymandering #tonyevers #wisconsincheck #newsupdates

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The State of The State Address – Broken Down

Evers started by acknowledging the effects of the pandemic and paid tribute to the Wisconsinites who have died from COVID.

Then we had a video montage highlighting Wisconsinites helping each other and some petty clips of republican inaction

Then he laid out three major priorities.

  1. Expand Broadband Access
  2. Fix Unemployment
  3. End Gerrymandering

Expand Broadband Access

Evers declared 2021 the “year of broadband access” and said he wants to invest $200 Million over the next two years to address the inequality that a lack of high-speed internet creates.

Fix Unemployment

He talked about the broken unemployment system, which left thousands of Wisconsinites waiting months to get their unemployment last year.

Now, this has been an issue with a lot of finger-pointing, but not a lot of action.

So, Evers is calling for a special session next week to start to fix it.

End Gerrymanding

Finally- he talked about addressing gerrymandering through the People’s Maps Commission.

All three priorities seem pretty bi-partisan.

BUT! All three would need to be approved by the Republican legislature to actually happen.

Another thing that happened was that State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was honored as the longest-serving speaker in state history…

….presided over by himself.

He gave himself an award. Who’d have thought it?


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