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The GOP Gives Evers’ Budget a Haircut

The Wisconsin state legislature’s budget-writing committee cut hundreds of proposals from Gov. Tony Evers’ two-year spending plan on May 6th.

Wisconsin Republicans continue to be among the least willing politicians in the country to work in a bipartisan manner, stripping popular policies supported by Wisconsinites including health care access expansion, legalization of marijuana, and the guarantee of clean drinking water for all citizens.

The cuts totaled nearly 400 proposals and more than $3 billion in revenue sources proposed in the plan. Instead, Joint Finance Committee co-chairman Mark Born (R-Beaver Dam) said they plan to return some of the surplus money to taxpayers.

Additional measures that were cut from the budget include a ban on vaping at schools, a gradual raise of the minimum wage to $10.15 by 2024, banning police no-knock warrants, and the repeal of Act 10, which greatly restricts collective bargaining for most public workers.


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