Why do we Vote on Tuesdays?

What’s Sacred about Tuesday? Turns out… nothing. For almost 200 years, Americans have been voting on Tuesdays. We don’t really question it, but instead accept that by some act of fate Tuesdays are when we decide who represents us in government. However, there is a reason for this seemingly random day to vote. There isn’t […]

Dairy Farmer for a Day

Farmer for A Day (1)

It’s hard to appreciate dairy farmers when you don’t really know what they do June is Dairy Appreciation Month. But instead of just serving lip service, Kristin decided to get down in the dirt (and the cow poop) and visit a real Wisconsin Dairy Farm for the first time since her 3rd grade field trip. […]

The Burden of Registering to Vote

registering to vote

In America, who gets to be a voter? Well, thanks to the 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments, every US citizen who is 18 years old on or before Election Day can cast a ballot, but you also have to meet your state’s residency requirements. You also need to register to vote by your state’s voter […]

Is America Still a Democracy?

Democracy – A system of government that bases its legitimacy on the participation of its people. America’s been doing this democracy thing for a while now but we have not always been great at the “participation of all its people” part. Even today, we’re the only advanced democracy that deliberately discourages its people from voting. […]

Model Legislations: Government-Sponsored by Special Interests

Those bills you often see introduced to local legislature might not even be applicable to your state. In fact, they could be paid for by a lobbying special interest group or corporation. Lawmakers are cheating on your vote with money and have been doing so for years. But journalists have stopped letting those suspicious late-night […]

Amtrak could finally connect Madison and Milwaukee

The Obvious Missed Connection If Amtrak receives the $80 billion in funding from President Biden’s infrastructure bill, this Milwaukee train station could see a whole lot more action. Amtrak recently released an “aspirational” plan for nationwide growth over the next 15 years and that growth would bring some welcome additions to Wisconsin, including new routes […]

What is “Infrastructure”?

what is infrastructure

Pop Quiz: Which of these falls under infrastructure? A. Roads and bridges B. Airport Expansion C. Broadband Internet D. Sewer Lines E. School Furnaces and AC F. All of the above If you answered all of the above, give yourself a sticker! It’s is not just a buzzword. Infrastructure is an umbrella term that encompasses […]

What’s Up with the Draft during COVID?

This week we cover: The Green Bay Packers draft choices New beer from Ale Asylum Governor Tony Evers turning the dial Wood Shop Guillotines Two new economic plans The fact that cats are a**holes The Green Bay Packers draft choices Despite sports being canceled, for now, Packers fans are still finding a way to come […]