How would you like to file your taxes for free?

Millions of Americans could file their taxes for free starting in 2025

Be honest – how much money do you typically spend to do your taxes? Is it more or less than $270? Because thats what the average American spends. Which may not seem like a lot until you multiple that by every American filing taxes and realize, that’s a lot of money for an activity that’s […]

As Goes This Week – January 14-20th

Good news for Wisconsin sports fans… …bad news for people worried that Amazon will soon be our overlords.  – If you are a Bucks or Brewers fan, you’re familiar with how terrible the Bally Sports viewing experience is.  You may be less familiar with their bankrupt parent company, Diamond Sports.  Well, Amazon is here to […]

As Goes This Week: Jan 7th-13th 2023

There was a lot of news in Wisconsin this week – so here is your snowy Saturday synopsis of some things you might have missed. Medical Marijuana… still not likely. Some of the other bills that were discussed in Madison this week: Recall Robin Vos There’s a group of conservative activists who are trying to […]

Meet The New Boss…Same As The Old Boss?

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have the job of NFL Commissioner. Yes, you are essentially the CEO of football, making LOTS of money ($200 million dollars over five years?!) And yes, it’s a sweet deal on paper and he gets to go to the Super Bowl every year, but unlike other […]

Hi, I’m Greg Bach And I Want You To Know Me!

Greg Bach

Hello everyone! My name is Greg Bach and first, let me thank you for reading this blog post! Currently, there are billions of blog posts in the world and you chose this one! I gotta say, that feels pretty good. I want to introduce myself, because in the AGWEU (As Goes Wisconsin Entertainment Universe), I […]

As Goes Wisconsin gets its own show

AGW Radio Show

For once, video didn’t kill the radio star. It may have actually helped create one. It may not be a hit show (yet) but everything you love about As Goes Wisconsin videos will now be a daily radio show on WAUK 540am and 101.1fm The ‘Sha. You can now listen and/or watch As Goes Wisconsin […]

We Got Limited Time Only Bucks Merch!

NBA Finals Merch

Our NBA Champs are back tonight and we have the perfect merch to start the season. Purchase yours at #34 – Giannis We searched the depths of the internet to try to figure out when and where Giannis actually said this, to no avail. But it’s a quote attributed to him on basically every […]

Kristin Does Monona

Kristin Does Monona

Welcome to Monona Located far enough away from the capital, yet close enough to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, Monona has its own style, culture, and breathtaking views.  My tour guide was Monona East Side Alliance Executive Director, Devin Renner. Devin must have been a boy scout because he had everything I needed – […]

“As Goes” Goes Up North

As Goes Goes Up North

You may have seen the video I posted back in May, asking for suggestions on where to go during an upcoming two-week road trip I was taking “Up North”. Well, that Up North road trip didn’t fully happen, but still happened. A little event called the Bucks’ first championship win in 50 years interrupted the […]

Wisconsin Labor Shortage: What’s to Blame?

nObOdY WaNtS tO wOrK AnYmOrE! Wisconsin is facing a statewide labor shortage as businesses fully reopen post — post? — pandemic. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are increasingly having trouble finding workers to fill their roles, thus making it difficult to meet consumer demands. And while the shortage itself is an objective […]