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How would you like to file your taxes for free?

Millions of Americans could file their taxes for free starting in 2025

Be honest – how much money do you typically spend to do your taxes? Is it more or less than $270?

Because thats what the average American spends. Which may not seem like a lot until you multiple that by every American filing taxes and realize, that’s a lot of money for an activity that’s not optional. There’s BIG money in making our taxes confusing and gaslighting us into paying for help.

Which is why BIG TAX has lobbied against a free option for years. Instead, the Turbotaxes of the world, partnered with the IRS on the “Free File” program, which is a free federal return filing option inside the private tax prep software, and only eligible for people making under a certain amount of income. However, a ProPublica investigation revealed that Intuit, maker of TurboTax, used deliberate tactics to steer people away from the free option.

But now, there’s going to finally be a free option! After a 12 state pilot program this year – the IRS announced that they are going to make the Direct File program permanent for all states that want to sign on.

Unlike the government’s disastrous 2013 rollout of, people actually seem to like it. 90% of participants rated their experience as excellent or above average. And in this day and age, above average is definitely satisfactory.

What do you think? Would you use this service?

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