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As Goes This Week: Jan 7th-13th 2023

There was a lot of news in Wisconsin this week – so here is your snowy Saturday synopsis of some things you might have missed.


Would you watch a weekly rundown of wisconsin headlines? Toying eith whether or not i should do this every friday/saturday. Let me know in the comments #wisconsinlife #wisconsinnews #asgoeswisconsin #redistricting #gerrymandering #legalizeit #homelessness #greenscreen

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Medical Marijuana… still not likely.

  • Republican lawmakers in the Assembly announced Monday a plan to create a limited medical marijuana program that would include five state-run dispensaries where Wisconsin residents who experience certain health conditions could buy marijuana products including edibles and oils. Smokable marijuana would not be available. 
  • Despite the fact that Evers said he would sign this bill, so long as there were no poison pills in it, it’s looking like he won’t have to make that decision because it sounds like it’s a nonstarter in the the Senate.

Some of the other bills that were discussed in Madison this week:

Recall Robin Vos

There’s a group of conservative activists who are trying to recall Robin Vos – now they just need 7000 signatures of people who agree with him.

Redistricting Maps Submitted

Meagan Wolfe still has a job

Other news

Stay warm and Go Packers.


  • Screenshot this or save it on your phone and play along during the Green Bay Packers’ wild-card game against the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Fill in the squares when one of these topics is mentioned on the Fox broadcast.
  • Graphic by Chris Kuhagen (@chriskuhagen) / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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