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As Goes This Week – January 14-20th


Replying to @Cheesehead As Goes This Week in Wisconsin January 15-20th Check out the LIB if you want to read any of the articles I screenshotted #ballysports #bucks #brewers #amazon #gopackgo #mikegallagher #badgerbasketball #dwyaneWade #mentalhealthmatters #parentalbillofrights #kamalaharris #beermints #millerlite #molsoncoors #greenscreen

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Good news for Wisconsin sports fans…

…bad news for people worried that Amazon will soon be our overlords. 

– If you are a Bucks or Brewers fan, you’re familiar with how terrible the Bally Sports viewing experience is.  You may be less familiar with their bankrupt parent company, Diamond Sports.  Well, Amazon is here to save the day with a minority investment in the company. Now customers will be able watch their games on Amazon Prime

Also in the world of, “I’d like to please watch my sports teams, please”

Rep. Mike Gallagher introduced the ‘“Go Pack Go’ Act in the House which would make sure every person living in Wisconsin can watch a Packers game. Proving that sports is always a bipartisan issue in Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin has been trying to get the same bill passed in the Senate for years

Wisconsin College Basketball 

We are all signing a universal “I’m sorry” card to  Greg Gard, after the men’s Badger basketball team shot up in the AP rankings this week. (badger extra) 

And Marquette alum and NBA Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade gifted $3 million to the university to support basketball and literacy programs. The contribution will support a new Wade Scholars program focused on supporting two low-income students per year. The scholars will receive full room and board scholarships for their first two years at MU.

The kids are not all right…

A new report from that 1 in 10 Wisconsin teens attempted to unalive themselves in the last 3 years.

Wisconsin children continue to deal with extremely concerning levels of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, according to an annual report from the Office of Children’s Mental Health (OCMH).

If it wasn’t enough to worry about with your teenager…

The state health department is recommending that all children be tested at age 1 and again at age 2 for lead in their bloodstream, and testing for children ages 3 to 5 who haven’t been previously tested.

Things that happened in the Capitol this week…

Assembly Republicans approved a bill touted as a “parental bill of rights(WPR) 

It inspired a lot of heated debate along party lines since it would ban teachers from referring to students by their chosen names and pronouns without parental consent and require that parents be informed when classes intend to discuss topics like “gender identity, sexual orientation, racial identity (and) structural, systemic or institutional racism.”

That debate could be considered grandstanding since its a near-certain veto by Gov.  Evers.

Speaking of Things Evers will Veto…

Republican lawmakers proposed a new bill to ban abortion after 14 weeks of pregnancy (except in situations where the mother’s life or health would be endangered). 

There will be a hearing on Monday – the same day that Vice President Kamala Harris is planning to be in Wisconsin to talk about… you guessed it, preserving abortion.

Meanwhile, when it comes to taking care of women after they have a baby… 

There’s a bipartisan bill in the Assembly with 58 cosponsors that would expand Medicaid coverage for new mothers from 60 days to a year after giving birth. It’s a bill that passed in the senate on a 32-1 vote last year. 

But guess who is blocking the vote on it? Robin Vos.

Finally, if you thought you would get through the rest of Dry January with these Miller Lite Beer Mints – sorry to tell you that they are already sold out.


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