The Babcock Dairy Hall, home of mammoth ice cream scoops

“I scream. You scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM!” You know, and you love it. It’s the Babcock Dairy Plant and Store on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. A Mountain of Ice Cream The Dairy Store is where one scoop is equal to three scoops at other ice cream shops. But there’s more to […]

Wisconsin… Bourbon?

Heirloom red corn makes J Henry & Sons bourbon whiskey unique and 100% Wisconsin.  From Farm to Barrel There are many farms in Dane, but one has been growing heirloom red corn, wheat, and rye that is used to make J Henry & Sons bourbon whiskey since 2008.  Before the aging barrels filled the farm, […]

Origin of the “Badger” state

What the heck is a badger, and why are we the Badger State? Most states have a state animal. Michigan and Illinois have the majestic white-tailed deer, and then there is dear ol’ Minnesota. They have the Common Loon as their state bird. A loon? Hmmm. Let’s move on. Typically we think of Bucky Badger, […]