Amtrak could finally connect Madison and Milwaukee

The Obvious Missed Connection If Amtrak receives the $80 billion in funding from President Biden’s infrastructure bill, this Milwaukee train station could see a whole lot more action. Amtrak recently released an “aspirational” plan for nationwide growth over the next 15 years and that growth would bring some welcome additions to Wisconsin, including new routes […]

Who Makes it Harder to Vote? Not Evers

Since Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Election victory, Republicans across the country have been determined to make voting more difficult. Wisconsin Republicans have followed suit. They’ve been trying to make absentee voting more difficult. Gov. Evers won’t let it happen. On February 24th, two GOP state senators unveiled 10 bills that would change how elections are […]

Calendar Conflict: Biden vs. Evers

President Biden and Governor Evers are in an attention battle over Wisconsinites as both decided to make big public appearances on the same day. Biden is hosting a town hall in Milwaukee. Evers is delivering his 2021-23 state budget address. How’s that for a coincidence? How will they stack up against one another? Here’s what […]