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Calendar Conflict: Biden vs. Evers

President Biden and Governor Evers are in an attention battle over Wisconsinites as both decided to make big public appearances on the same day. Biden is hosting a town hall in Milwaukee. Evers is delivering his 2021-23 state budget address.

How’s that for a coincidence?


Biden just overshadowing Evers like “oopsie daisy!” #wisconsin #milwaukee #cnntownhall #biden #tonyevers

♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

How will they stack up against one another? Here’s what each event will entail.

Biden Town Hall

Biden’s Wisconsin trip is his first since when he was sworn into office in January. In the town hall, he will answer questions on his 100-day agenda.

Wisconsin, a historical battleground state, was critical to Biden’s 2020 victory over Donald Trump. He visited Kenosha in September following the shooting of Jacob Blake and briefly stopped in Milwaukee in October.

Evers’ Budget

However, Gov. Evers will unveil his 2021-23 state budget proposal on the same day despite scheduling the event in December. The intern scheduling these things might need a pay cut.

The budget proposal is as important if not more than Biden’s town hall. Evers will outline what he thinks taxpayer money should be spent on for the next two years. The proposal will largely shape what lawmakers include in their bills. It will likely focus on things like funding K-12 education, improving infrastructure and legalizing marijuana.

Who will win the public attention? My recommendation is that budget proposal — it will probably affect you more than Biden’s comments at the town hall.


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