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Who Makes it Harder to Vote? Not Evers

Since Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Election victory, Republicans across the country have been determined to make voting more difficult.

Wisconsin Republicans have followed suit. They’ve been trying to make absentee voting more difficult. Gov. Evers won’t let it happen.


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On February 24th, two GOP state senators unveiled 10 bills that would change how elections are run. They bills revise the voter identification and absentee ballot laws that were widely used during the 2020 pandemic election cycle.

New Voting Inconveniences

One of the bills would make indefinitely confined voters — voters with medical conditions who vote by mail — provide a photo ID with their ballot. It would also require these voters to prove their medical condition, take the “indefinitely confined” voting status under oath and face a felony charge if they falsely state their condition.

Another bill requires that ballot collection events are held near a clerk’s office and not in public locations, like parks. Another adds more security to ballot boxes and only allows them to be located at the clerk’s office.

GOP lawmakers claim the bills will increase confidence in the electoral system.

Veto Power

But, Gov. Evers does have enough veto power to block all of the proposed bills. Remember that the Wisconsin state Constitution allots some of the most Governor veto power in the country.

If you can still saunter down to the park ballot box instead of taking a drive to the clerk’s office (Where even is that?), you can thank Evers.

FYI: Republican and Democrat election officials across the country agree that the 2020 Presidential Election was one of the safest and most secure ever. Ever!


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