Recap: June 2021 Wisconsin Politics

A lot happened in the Wisconsin political world this June. It’s Wisconsin, so not too surprising. But if you were like us and too busy partying in the Deer District, you probably missed what was a very consequential month in the state Senate, Assembly, and Gov. Evers’ office. Here’s the breakdown: 2021-23 State Budget The […]

A Tale of Two Budget Proposals

Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature and Gov. Evers are at odds again, this time over the 2021-23 state budget. They’re trying to decide how best to spend your tax money from the past few years. Long story short, Republicans mainly want to use the money to relieve taxes and Gov. Evers’ camp wants to spend […]

Bipartisan Praise for Vaccination Efforts

This title just doesn’t sound right, but I swear it is. Wisconsin lawmakers are actually kind of agreeing about vaccines as we climb out of the pandemic. But, the mutual respect does make you question if the bipartisanship has partisan motives. In a virtual event held by the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), Assembly Speaker […]

Calendar Conflict: Biden vs. Evers

President Biden and Governor Evers are in an attention battle over Wisconsinites as both decided to make big public appearances on the same day. Biden is hosting a town hall in Milwaukee. Evers is delivering his 2021-23 state budget address. How’s that for a coincidence? How will they stack up against one another? Here’s what […]

It Takes Three to Tango

A COVID-19 relief bill is bouncing between the Wisconsin Assembly, Senate and Gov. Evers with no real end in sight. Political agendas seem to have taken precedent over helping constituents during a deadly pandemic. I guess the tango dance is harder than it looks. The sad part is that Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu actually […]

Mask Mandate in Jeopardy

Now that the Packers are not going to the Super Bowl, let’s get back to breaking down some headlines. Wisconsin lawmakers are trying to repeal the mask mandate first put in place by Gov. Evers in July 2020. That mandate wasn’t fully enforced across the state, but getting rid of it would probably still have […]

The Blame Game: Unemployment in Wisconsin

Despite Wisconsin passing the nation’s first unemployment compensation law in 1932, its recent unemployment management hasn’t been as revolutionary. When it came to last year’s unemployment, it really just…sucked. People that lost their jobs are staying that way, while the government seems to be on vacation. As the pandemic surged, tens of thousands of people […]