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Mask Mandate in Jeopardy

Now that the Packers are not going to the Super Bowl, let’s get back to breaking down some headlines.

Wisconsin lawmakers are trying to repeal the mask mandate first put in place by Gov. Evers in July 2020. That mandate wasn’t fully enforced across the state, but getting rid of it would probably still have a big impact on mask use.

Tomorrow, the Wisconsin state Senate will take up a resolution to end the statewide mask mandate on the grounds that it was issued unconstitutionally. Since it’s a joint resolution, if it passes in both the Senate and the Assembly we would no longer have a statewide mask mandate.

Evers doesn’t have to sign it and he can’t veto it.

These six organizations have registered against the resolution:

  • Children’s Hospital of WI
  • Medical College of WI
  • WI Association Local Health Departments and Boards
  • WI Medical Society
  • WI Public Health Association
  • WI Council of Churches

But, I don’t think these organizations–despite most of them being associated with hospitals and medicine–will have much of an impact on lawmakers’ mask opinions anyway. They wouldn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to a viral disease, right?

If the statewide mask mandate repeal does happen, it might not even affect if you wear a mask or not. Each county in the state can set their own mask mandates and lots of businesses have made their own requirements during the pandemic.

Masks have been unpopular in red parts of the state and more of a common practice in blue ones.

Up to you to decide, but they do work!


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