How to Get a Vaccine in Wisconsin Now That 16 & Up Are Eligible

As Wisconsin’s COVID-19 vaccination rate slows due to vaccine hesitancy, this is a friendly reminder that vaccines save lives. And not just your own. Your neighbor Gary, your grandma Barb, and even your arch-rival Tim (sure you don’t like him, but he pushes you to be better, and for that, you have to respect him). […]

555k to Join Zoom Calls?

Wisconsin legislators claimed $555k in travel expenses for 2020 despite never actually traveling. They never traveled to an in-person floor session in Madison for nearly eight months. So, what does that leave taxpayers with? A $555k bill for Zoom calls. Also, the legislators aren’t legally required to provide receipts breaking down the costs. That’s scary. […]

Wisconsin Badgers Making Us Proud Again

Wisconsin Badgers Win

Can’t Talk Right Now… I’m Winning Championships In a season marred by COVID-19, the No. 2 University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team, Wisconsin Badgers, was forced to only play conference games for the entire regular season. The team prevailed in the NCAA Championship Game against No. 1 Northeastern University, 2-1. After wins over No. 7 […]

Masks Actually Work

Throughout the pandemic, people have debated whether or not masks actually limit COVID-19 transmissibility–how easily the virus moves from one person to another. Views on masks fall directly on party lines, with Republicans often arguing they don’t work and Democrats saying they do. The good thing is that scientists–not Republicans or Democrats–know the answer. Masks […]

Mask Mandate in Jeopardy

Now that the Packers are not going to the Super Bowl, let’s get back to breaking down some headlines. Wisconsin lawmakers are trying to repeal the mask mandate first put in place by Gov. Evers in July 2020. That mandate wasn’t fully enforced across the state, but getting rid of it would probably still have […]

What’s Up with Pence Promoting AIDs?

This week we cover: A state of emergency #ReOpenWisconsin signs COVID-19 Reduction plans My concern for David Bakhtiari’s health And Pence promoting AIDS… for breathing. A state of emergency Governor Evers declared a state of emergency due to elevated wildfire conditions in response to Juneau County’s, 234-acre fire last Saturday. The fire started despite the […]