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555k to Join Zoom Calls?

Wisconsin legislators claimed $555k in travel expenses for 2020 despite never actually traveling. They never traveled to an in-person floor session in Madison for nearly eight months.

So, what does that leave taxpayers with? A $555k bill for Zoom calls.


Let’s see some receipts… oh wait, they don’t have to provide them. #asgoeswisconsin #wisconsinpolitics

♬ THATS SUSPICIOUS – Pls no shadow ban 🤨

Also, the legislators aren’t legally required to provide receipts breaking down the costs. That’s scary.

If they didn’t have anything to hide, wouldn’t they happily provide them?

Let’s brainstorm what the legislators actually spent the money on because it certainly wasn’t gas:

  • Ringlight
  • More comfortable desk chair
  • Carpet leading from bed to desk
  • Noise-cancelling headphones


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