Are Wisconsin Politics Satire?

The Wisconsin political scene often feels like satire. From petty insults to misinformation, the actions in the state Capitol building are as funny as they are terrifying. The pandemic and economic recession have only made things worse. So to brighten the mood, here are some recent news headlines as inspirational quotes. Good Ole’ Limbaugh “Senate […]

UW-Madison’s Black Student Strike of 1969

In 1969, Black students at UW-Madison called for a campus-wide student strike until administrators agreed to 13 demands. The Black Student Strike lasted for over two weeks in February 1969, putting it among the largest protests in university history. Joined by thousands of white allies, they held rallies to educate the community about racial inequities, […]

The Storied Past of Milwaukee’s Bronzeville

Thanks to HBO’s Watchmen, a lot more people now know about Tulsa’s Black Wall Street and how a racist white violent mob destroyed it. But did you know that in the mid-20th century Milwaukee also had a prosperous Black neighborhood? It was called Bronzeville, a name started by historian Carter G. Woodson, the same man […]

The Underground Railroad in Wisconsin: The Milton House

Joseph Goodrich and his wife were Seventh Day Baptists, which meant they held the staunchly radical belief that slavery was wrong. So, they built a hexagonal inn called the Milton House in Milton, Wisconsin. It was a modest, unassuming stop along a little thing known as the Underground Railroad. From the front, it was just […]

Wisconsin’s First Doctor: Mary Anne Menard

Aunt Mary Ann Wisconsin's First Doctor

Did you know that Wisconsin’s first doctor was a Black woman? She settled in Prairie Du Chien after leaving Louisiana around the turn of the 19th century. Her name was Mary Anne Menard. …or Mary Ann Lebuche? …or Mary Ann Lebuche Menard? Apparently, historians aren’t actually sure how to spell her name.  She had two husbands […]

Learning Wisconsin Black History: James Jackson and his Journey to Freedom

While Wisconsin may be pretty White …we also have a substantial amount of black history, most of which we probably didn’t learn during our statewide standard Wisconsin history section in fourth-grade social studies. So in an attempt to take initiative and educate myself, throughout the month of February, I’m going to be posting fun facts […]