Fish Frys, Catholicism and Prohibition

History of Wisconsin Fish Fry

What’s the history of fish frys in Wisconsin? Two words: Catholicism and Prohibition. When thousands of Roman Catholic families from Germany, Ireland, and Poland settled in Wisconsin, they brought with them their tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays. And thanks to Lake Michigan, fish became a popular and affordable meal. But what makes this […]

Death’s Door a.k.a. Door County

Nestled on a peninsula between Lake Michigan and Green Bay in Door County is Porte des Morts, a.k.a. Death’s Door. Sounds like a great place to visit, right? Well, actually, it is! Known for its lush parks and long shoreline, Door County looks idyllic. But what is lurking underwater off the coast is a sailor’s […]

Surfing in Sheboygan?! You betcha!

Think you need to get to the coast to ride the waves?  Nope.  Head over to Lake Michigan’s western shore and surf on some of the best waves that even seasoned surfers long to ride.  Malibu of the Midwest For more than half a century, surfers have been hitting the Sheboygan beaches to conquer some […]