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Surfing in Sheboygan?! You betcha!

Think you need to get to the coast to ride the waves? 


Head over to Lake Michigan’s western shore and surf on some of the best waves that even seasoned surfers long to ride. 

Malibu of the Midwest

For more than half a century, surfers have been hitting the Sheboygan beaches to conquer some of the best and biggest waves, a.k.a. The Malibu of the Midwest

With winds coming off the lake at 20-25 mph from the northeast, west, or southwest, these ‘bitchen waves’ challenge even the most professional surfers. With swells coming from all directions, Sheboygan provides ideal surfing conditions. Experts say there are 22 breaks in the area that create near-perfect conditions to hang ten. 

But what about the weather? 

That doesn’t stop these hearty surfers. Wearing wetsuits to keep out the icy Lake Michigan water, surfing is an anytime sport in Wisconsin. Remember, we are hardy people!

The Tide Was Right

Surfing gain popularity in Sheboygan when Larry “Longboard” Williams and his twin, Lee “Water Flea” Williams, did not have the cash to travel to California to surf. So they did the next best thing – took their surfboards over to Lake Michigan and gave it a try.

It didn’t take long until everyone was hangin’ loose on Lake Michigan. With the challenging conditions, surfing in Sheboygan is not for the faint of heart. 


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