Wisconsin Labor Shortage: What’s to Blame?

nObOdY WaNtS tO wOrK AnYmOrE! Wisconsin is facing a statewide labor shortage as businesses fully reopen post — post? — pandemic. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are increasingly having trouble finding workers to fill their roles, thus making it difficult to meet consumer demands. And while the shortage itself is an objective […]

Evers’ American Rescue Plan Plan

Gov. Evers has a bold spending plan for the funds Wisconsin will receive through the American Rescue Plan, ranging from business relief to vaccines. The American Rescue Plan Act is a stimulus package that passed the U.S. Congress in March and will send money to each state. But, will Vos & Co. comply? The Evers […]

Who Makes it Harder to Vote? Not Evers

Since Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Election victory, Republicans across the country have been determined to make voting more difficult. Wisconsin Republicans have followed suit. They’ve been trying to make absentee voting more difficult. Gov. Evers won’t let it happen. On February 24th, two GOP state senators unveiled 10 bills that would change how elections are […]