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Evers’ American Rescue Plan Plan

Gov. Evers has a bold spending plan for the funds Wisconsin will receive through the American Rescue Plan, ranging from business relief to vaccines. The American Rescue Plan Act is a stimulus package that passed the U.S. Congress in March and will send money to each state.

But, will Vos & Co. comply?

The Evers Plan

The Evers plan is packed with $3.2 billion in state spending to cover many of the costs associated with the pandemic. Those costs range from lower consumer spending to higher testing and vaccination demands.

So, where will the money go? Evers wants to

  • Send $2.5 billion to small businesses across the state to start the economic recovery
  • Spend $500 million on COVID-19 testing, vaccines and PPE
  • Spend $200 million on state infrastructure, mainly broadband equipment

Legislature Battle

However, the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature doesn’t want Evers to have control over the federal funds. They think he will use them to fuel his political agenda.

They recently created legislation — called the Truth in Spending Act — that would give them control of the funds instead of Evers. Evers also believes the Legislature is politicizing the money and vetoed the bill.

If this battle continues, Speaker Robin Vos and his Republican colleagues might sue Evers over his Truth in Spending Act veto, sending the money even further from Wisconsinites’ pockets.


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