Are Wisconsin Politics Satire?

The Wisconsin political scene often feels like satire. From petty insults to misinformation, the actions in the state Capitol building are as funny as they are terrifying. The pandemic and economic recession have only made things worse. So to brighten the mood, here are some recent news headlines as inspirational quotes. Good Ole’ Limbaugh “Senate […]

Gerrymandering 2.0?

Gerrymandering is a process where politicians can redraw electoral maps to make sure their majority usually wins elections. Politicians make sure each district has a majority voting block for their party, which creates a theoretical majority even if they don’t have a majority on a numbers basis. So yeah, it sucks. But Wisconsin Republicans are […]

Gov. Evers’ State Budget Proposal summarized in dance

If you’re like most people, you probably have no freaking clue how a state budget works or who writes it or what it covers. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In Wisconsin, the state legislature makes most of the decisions about what should be included in the budget, but the governor also gets input. […]

State of the State – A 60-Second Recap

You may have been too busy watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist last night and missed Wisconsin’s State of the State. I get it! Jane Levy, much more entertaining than Tony Evers. I’m here to recap it for you – a couple things went down! The State of The State Address – Broken Down Evers started by […]