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Be Sexy. Work a Poll.

Originally posted on the Captimes

If you’ve ever been to a polling station, you might have noticed that the average age of a poll worker is about 76.5 years old (citation needed). This also happens to be the approximate age of the people most vulnerable to die from COVID-19. Work a Poll

This has left a severe shortage of poll workers nationwide, including in Wisconsin.

In April, Wisconsin used the National Guard to assist as poll workers, but we cannot count on that happening again for August and November.

Being a poll worker is a paid position, and your regular employer is required by state law to give you time off to work the polls.

What if everyone is voting by mail?

We still need poll workers to process the absentee ballot requests. And there will always be people who are voting in person, for example, because they missed the online registration deadline and they need to register to vote.

If you are 18 or older and eligible to vote, you can serve as a poll worker anywhere in the county in which you reside. So if you live in a rural area of Brown County, for example, you can help in the city of Green Bay, where many poll workers are needed. High school students aged 16 and 17 can work at the polling place which serves their neighborhood.

How to apply in Wisconsin:

City of Milwaukee: Anyone living in Milwaukee county can serve. Click here to apply.

City of Green Bay: Anyone living in Brown County can serve. Click here to download an application.

City of Madison: Anyone living in Dane County can serve. Click here to apply.

If you live outside of those three cities, find the clerk in YOUR local Wisconsin municipality by clicking here. Send them an email with the subject “Poll Worker Applicant” and include your contact information and address.

Detailed information on the requirements is available here. Welcome to the new age. Working is attractive. Be Sexy. Work a Poll.


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