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What’s Up with a Joint GOP Birthday Party?

What’s up in Wisconsin?

  1. The Simpson’s Prophecy
  2. A GOP Birthday Party
  3. Do as I say, not as I do…
  4. Harper’s Magazine had a swing and a miss

The Simpson’s Prophecy

The biggest news this week: Biden is not coming to Milwaukee for the DNC – which crushed any hope that any part of the convention could be salvaged and proved that, yet again, the Simpson’s accurately predicted something 18 years in advance.

A GOP Birthday Party

Also this week, the same woman who is representing Donald Trump in a lawsuit in Rhinelander, also filed the paperwork and signatures need to get Kanye on Wisconsin’s ballot.  Who knew you could be loyal to both the Grand Old Party AND the Birthday Party?  

TBD if there are enough valid signatures for Yeezy to actually be on the ballot.  But either way, I’d be lying if I said I am not looking forward to his next album: “Campaign Dropout”

Do as I say, not as I do…

We also found out this week that 47 state reps signed and sent a letter to superintendents, strongly urging them to reopen schools. You’d think if they thought it’s so important for kids to go back to school, they would go back to work. 

Harper’s Magazine had a swing and a miss

And to add insult to injury, Harper’s published a terrible parachute reporting piece on Kenosha written by someone who started the article by saying “I had never heard of Kenosha”.  Reading it felt like hanging out with someone who just got back from a semester abroad in Spain and having to endure her saying,  “When I lived in Bar-the-lona…” 

The only silver lining to this week is that the Bucks won and Sprecher had the world’s biggest Free Root Beer Float drive-thru

But honestly, after a week like this, that float better have some bourbon in it.


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