Foxconn or Con job?

Dating back to 2017, Foxconn has had a storied past in Wisconsin. In 2017, they promised to bring jobs and innovation to Wisconsin. But since that time, Foxconn’s promises have fallen through time and time again. In 2019, they purchased a building in downtown Milwaukee that was supposed to become the company’s North American headquarters. […]

The Underground Railroad in Wisconsin: The Milton House

Joseph Goodrich and his wife were Seventh Day Baptists, which meant they held the staunchly radical belief that slavery was wrong. So, they built a hexagonal inn called the Milton House in Milton, Wisconsin. It was a modest, unassuming stop along a little thing known as the Underground Railroad. From the front, it was just […]

O&H Danish Bakery – Oh My!

In its fourth generation of pastry perfectionists, the O&H Danish Bakery is a staple in Wisconsin.  Life is Good with a Kringle Known for its famous Danish Kringle, the O & H Danish Bakery is one more reason to visit Racine. The Kringle, a layered, buttery dough filled with fruit filling and baked to a […]