On This Day in Wisconsin History: 1931 Prohibition Bust

Prohibition Bust Wisconsin

Driving down I-94 with a a few hundred cases of Spotted Cow in the trunk is just a normal gameday for any Wisconsinite in 2021. But in the depths of Prohibition that wasn’t exactly welcomed by local authorities. Alcohol was banned across the country for 13 years from 1920-1933. They really expected Americans to go […]

Average Friday Night in West Allis: Feigling Shot & Kegel’s Inn

Feigling shot

If you’re from Wisconsin and/or you have some German heritage, it’s possible that you’ve heard of a German Kleiner Feigling shot. If you’re like me, it’s possible you haven’t. So what is a Feigling shot and what are the rules? Kleiner Feigling is a fig liquor native to Germany. German Kleiner Feigling shots are generally […]

Fish Frys, Catholicism and Prohibition

History of Wisconsin Fish Fry

What’s the history of fish frys in Wisconsin? Two words: Catholicism and Prohibition. When thousands of Roman Catholic families from Germany, Ireland, and Poland settled in Wisconsin, they brought with them their tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays. And thanks to Lake Michigan, fish became a popular and affordable meal. But what makes this […]