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Average Friday Night in West Allis: Feigling Shot & Kegel’s Inn

Feigling shot

If you’re from Wisconsin and/or you have some German heritage, it’s possible that you’ve heard of a German Kleiner Feigling shot. If you’re like me, it’s possible you haven’t. So what is a Feigling shot and what are the rules?

Kleiner Feigling is a fig liquor native to Germany. German Kleiner Feigling shots are generally taken from 20 milliliter shooter-sized bottles.


I was yesterday years old when I learned what a feigling shot was. #westallis #fishfriday #wisconsin #lookmanohands

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According to custom, and as seen in the TikTok video above, drinkers must tap the cap of the upside-down bottle on the table to create bubbles in the liquid. Whoever stops tapping first buys the next round. Participants will then remove the cap, put it on their nose, and drink the shot out of the bottle without using their hands.

Kleiner Feigling has been around since 1992, and it is served at traditional German restaurants across Wisconsin. Perhaps the most notable location is Kegel’s Inn located in West Allis, featured in the video below.

In 1924, during the days of Prohibition, Kegel’s Place opened its doors. After the soft drink parlor was caught in May 1927 serving alcohol, Kegel’s managed to avoid penalties that would have forced them to close. In 1933, the restaurant rebranded as Kegel’s Inn.

According to their website, Kegel’s Inn is “known as ‘the largest tavern built since the return of beer.'” Today, Kegel’s Inn continues to serve its rich heritage through delicious German food to customers looking for a warm & friendly atmosphere. The restaurant recently transitioned from Rob & Jim Kegel, third-generation family members, to Julian Kegel and his wife Stephanie as the fourth generation of Kegels to run the location.

To learn more about Kegel’s Inn, visit their website at


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