We Got Limited Time Only Bucks Merch!

NBA Finals Merch

Our NBA Champs are back tonight and we have the perfect merch to start the season. Purchase yours at AsGoesWisconsin.com/Shop #34 – Giannis We searched the depths of the internet to try to figure out when and where Giannis actually said this, to no avail. But it’s a quote attributed to him on basically every […]

Don’t Cry for Me, Milwaukee

Don't Cry For Me Milwaukee

It was supposed to be the “Summer of Milwaukee”. In this week’s special “the DNC should have been in Milwaukee this week” episode, Kristin and Josh Burstein, Wisconsin Enthusiast and founder of Good Political, explore a socially-distant 48-hours in the city. Their goal: capture unique aspects of the city that the 50,000+ people no longer […]