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NBA Finals Merch

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#34 – Giannis

We searched the depths of the internet to try to figure out when and where Giannis actually said this, to no avail. But it’s a quote attributed to him on basically every single quote site we could find so we have to believe that it’s true, right? Regardless, we are so relieved to know that Giannis truly is a Greek Freak and has no structural damage to his knee so he can keep playing fearlessly whenever he gets back on the court.

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#22 – Khris Middleton

We are still in the playoffs because of Khris Middleton. Full stop. And now with Giannis out indefinitely, Middleton will have to step into the role of leading this team to the finals. While there are now tons of editorials being printed in about how underrated he is, Middleton already knew that back in 2018. In a Q&A with Sports Illustrated, Middleton was asked if he felt like was one of the more underrated players in his career, and we can’t agree more with his answer. If you’re feeling unbothered, go buy yourself one of these shirts.

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#9 – Bobby Portis

Bobby Portis has become a fan favorite since joining the Bucks this year. Besides “Bucks in 6”, the other chant you hear almost as often is: “BOB-BY! BOB-BY! BOB-BY!” And after game 5 against the Hawks, he became a Milwaukee favorite when he said this, “They were telling us about the city, how tough it is to live here and things like that. The city goes through a lot. When they see someone who works hard and gives his all… it’s a blue-collar city and I’m a blue-collar player. When I’m making shots, whether they’re going in or not, I still give my all to the team, give 100% for the name on the front of the jersey. They love players like that and it’s just fun to go out and play this game with home-court advantage and get them involved. Giannis went down and we had to step up. I didn’t play the last couple of games. I kept working and knew my time was going to come. If you do things the right way, things always come around.”

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