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Ron Johnson “Does” Juneteenth

Showing up uninvited to a house party without even a case of beer is bad enough. But showing up to a celebration for a holiday about ending slavery you opposed? That’s a low point.

Ron Johnson reached that low point on Saturday when he went to a Republican booth at a Juneteenth celebration in Milwaukee. He drew boos and “We don’t want you here” shouts. I mean, did he expect any differently?

Johnson blocked legislation last year that would’ve made Juneteenth a federal holiday. He also said last WEEK that “it seems strange” for taxpayers to fund time off for federal employees to celebrate the end of slavery.

It’s also strange that a holiday about ending slavery is more controversial to Republicans than holidays like Columbus Day or Presidents Day. Christopher Columbus, a slave trader and failed explorer, doesn’t exactly seem like a great reason for taxpayers to fund federal employees’ time off either. And do presidents really need their own holiday? I thought they already had one. It’s called Election Day.

However, I do enjoy how Johnson defended his appearance. He said “this is unusual for Wisconsin” and “most people in Wisconsin say ‘you are in our prayers; we are praying for you’.” It’s also slightly unusual to show up to a demonstration for a cause you tried to block.

Also, I’m not entirely sure how the “prayers” idea fits into Johnson’s defense. He seems like he was frazzled or has been spending too much time with a local cult. Maybe he believed these people who don’t like him would hold a group prayer?

As contradictory as this stuff is, at least it’s entertaining. You could probably make an entire Curb Your Enthusiasm season on Johnson himself.


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