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#1 Exporter of What?

#1 Exporter of what_

Wisconsin is an agricultural and manufacturing powerhouse. From dairy to cheese to beer and bull semen, it produces it all. Wait, what was that last one?

Yup. Wisconsin is the #1 exporter of bull semen. I’m not sure if the report with that came out on April Fools Day, but it’s hard to imagine another state or country sending a legitimate purchase order for bull semen.

“Hey, I’ll take a few gallons of bull semen, you know for my bull reproduction business.”

After looking into it, there’s actually an article detailing 10 things you didn’t know about bull semen. I guess its primary use is artificial insemination, which makes sense I guess?

Even more weird, apparently bull semen is a main ingredient for anti-ageing cosmetics because of its heavy protein content. That seems like crucial knowledge to successfully maneuver the aisles of Walgreens.

Wisconsin actually leads the nation in multiple other exports that aren’t as joke-worthy as bull semen. Here’s some information to cleanse your brain of the bull semen stuff:


You might’ve tasted cranberries in the cranberry juice you had with breakfast this morning. My favorite is Cran-Grape. Fun fact: If you buy the Ocean Spray brand, some bottles feature a little story on the back of the Detlefson cranberry farmers. They are a 5th generation farming family from Wisconsin that are pretty wholesome.

You’ll probably drive by some cranberry farms if you have the pleasure of driving across Wisconsin.


I’m not fully confident what ginseng is, but apparently it relieves stress and anxiety. Wisconsin also has an annual festival dedicated to ginseng, which is oddly niche.

Sweet, Sweet Corn

I’m really proud of this export. Who doesn’t like corn? It goes great with almost any meal in the summer and brings amazing vibes to the dinner table. However, if you are a post-braces adult and still eat corn by cutting it off into a bowl, you are a problem to society.

Now that you have this crucial information, I’m convinced you’ll have a few conversation starters for your next cocktail party. Maybe save the bull semen part for after you have a few drinks.


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