Wisconsin Has a Shortage of Teachers of Color

Wisconsin’s gap between teachers and students of color is growing. Since 2009, the percentage of students of color in Wisconsin public schools has increased from 23.6% to about 30.7%. In the same time period, the percentage of teachers of color has only increased from 4.5% to 5.6%. This is an important issue in public schools […]

No Sales Tax for you Milwaukee!

Two years ago, a coalition of elected officials, business leaders, and community leaders formed to launch Move Forward MKE. The group’s main goal was to ask the state government to allow Milwaukee to raise its sales tax, giving the city and county more money to work with in the future. While Wisconsin has high property […]

A look back at Wisconsin’s Police Funding

Wisconsin's Police Funding

Welcome back to “Summarizing Wisconsin Policy Forum Reports, because only nerds read Wisconsin Policy Forum Reports”. We take a look back at Wisconsin’s Police Funding. Like much of the country, Wisconsin’s police spending has increased as a share of municipal spending. According to a Wisconsin Policy Forum report, law enforcement is the biggest line item […]

Wisconsin Policy Forum Report: A Little Sales Tax Loophole

Welcome to “Summarizing Wisconsin Policy Forum Report, because only nerds read Wisconsin Policy Forum Report” First Up: Shift to online shopping helps taxpayers …but not the state budget. Let’s break it down! Not a shocker that last year the money we didn’t spend IRL was spent online. (Crazy right?) For example: I bought six pairs […]