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non binding voter questions

Your Right to Non-Binding Voter Questions

How do you feel about the non-binding voter questions on your ballot? Are they useful or useless? Well, in the current shared revenue deal, the GOP is trying to get rid of them.

Then Pam Jahnke from the Midwest Farm Report joins to talk about the impact that Ford removing AM radio from their 2024 models will have on farmers.

Guest: Pam Jahnke

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Non-Binding Voter Questions

A new bill that would change how the state distributes funds to local communities also comes with a two-line provision that would prohibit a town, city, or county from holding an advisory referendum.

Advisory referendums are nonbinding questions for voters. They gauge public opinion on issues. Activists from across the political spectrum have used them to demonstrate that there is popular support for — or opposition to — anything from abortion rights to local transportation measures.

But while both sides of the aisle have used them, these types of votes are on the chopping block in the GOP-authored shared revenue proposal, unveiled earlier this week. Left-wing activists say this will cost them a key tool for promoting their agendas and engendering bipartisan support for certain projects, like changing the state’s legislative maps.

Read more about it at WPR: Activists decry GOP push to stop nonbinding voter questions from appearing on ballots.

Wisconsin Drops From 4th to 47th In Voter Access Ranking

The state has transformed from one of the easiest places to cast a ballot 30 years ago to one of the most difficult. That trend is particularly pronounced among Black and Latino voters, according to recent research.

Since 2010, Republicans have:

  1. Extended residency requirements, 
  2. Shortened the time frame for early voting,
  3.  Increased residency requirements from 10 to 28 days and enacted the state’s voter ID law, which after several court challenges took effect in 2016.
  4. More recently the state Supreme Court disallowed ballot drop boxes — even as some states expanded use — pushing Wisconsin even further down the list.

Read more about it at The Cap Times: Wisconsin drops from 4th to 47th in voter access ranking | Government |

We Need AM Radio with Pam Janhke

Ford along with other automakers are preparing to remove AM radio.  We talk to Midwest Farm Report’s Pam Janhke (aka teh Fabulous Farm Babe) about why this is a terrible idea not only for those of us in radio, but for our listeners, for farmers and for the safety of all of us (Just ask FEMA). 

Also, did you know how many people still listen to AM radio? Recently-released research data from Nielsen and MRI Simmons shows that AM radio reaches 82.3 million Americans monthly, representing one out of three U.S. AM/FM radio listeners. More than half of that audience (57%, or 46.9 million) is tuned to news/talk-formatted stations, according to Westwood One’s analysis. “[Those] are the very outlets that Americans turn to in time of crisis and breaking local news,” notes Cumulus Media/Westwood One Audio Active Group Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard.

Tucker Update

According to Axios, “Tucker Carlson is preparing to unleash allies to attack Fox News in an effort to bully the network into letting him work for — or start — a right-wing rival, sources close to him tell Axios.”

Someone pop some popcorn.

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