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will Ai curb our loneliness

Will AI Curb Our Loneliness?

Is AI going to hurt or help the loneliness epidemic?

Then Mark Sommerhauser, Communications Director for Wisconsin Policy Forum, is back to compare the two tax proposals being discussed in Madison.

Guest: Mark Sommerhauser

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Will AI Help or Hurt Loneliness?

AI pets and companionship during the loneliness epidemic.

My AI Girlfriend Charges $1/Minute and Only Wants to Talk About Sex.

A Tale of Two Tax Plans

With Wisconsin facing its largest budget surplus on record, it appears likely that the upcoming 2023- 25 state budget will bring big tax changes. 

GOP legislators and Evers, a Democrat, both have proposed income tax cuts, but differ on who should receive the bulk of them and whether some taxes should still rise.

 The dueling proposals also reflect different philosophies about how to bolster Wisconsin’s competitiveness with other states in measures of economic strength and quality of life.

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