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Where have all the kid movies gone

Where Have All the Kid Movies Gone?

Matt Mueller, culture editor for OnMilwaukee, joins for his monthly appearance to talk about what’s going on in pop culture and entertainment.

Then we discuss the pros and cons of banning “lap babies” on airplanes.

Guest: Matt Mueller

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Matt Mueller: Pop Culture Update

Matt Mueller joins us for his monthly appearance to update us on all things pop culture. Like: 

Should We Ban Lap Babies?

When the seat belt light blinks on, every passenger buckles up except for one group of fliers: lap babies. Unrestrained children sharing a seat with their parents are exempt from the safety mandate, presenting a growing concern amid recent incidents of severe turbulence.

But if every kid needs to have their own seat, what does that do to the cost of airline tickets, not just for families but for everyone?

Reminder! 11 Days Until the Spring Election!

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