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when did you start noticing your age?

When Did You Start Noticing Your Age?

Todd Albaugh joins us to discuss, “When did you stop feeling young and start feeling old?”

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Embracing the Aging Process with Todd Albaugh

Join us as we tackle the topic of aging with our special guest, Mr. Todd Allbaugh of the Todd Allbaugh Show. We discuss the Wall Street Journal poll that found the typical age when most Americans start to feel like their youth is slipping away is 42. We share our personal experiences with aging and reflect on the challenges that come with it, such as physical limitations and unexpected health issues, like Todd’s recent medical emergency involving a kidney stone.

Together with Todd, we explore the reality of aging and how our perceptions can sometimes be unexpected or take time to accept. We share stories of our own aging journeys, discussing the positive aspects and the difficult moments, like Todd’s recent medical emergency. Listen in as we ask each other when we started feeling old and how we cope with the changes that come with getting older.

We also tackle societal pressures and the impact of media on our aging experience, as well as the importance of staying active and healthy as we age. With insights from our listeners and stories from our own lives, this episode is a candid and enlightening conversation on what it means to age and how to embrace it gracefully.

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