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whats it like being iranian living in america

What’s it Like Being Iranian Living in America?

UWM Ph.D. student, Sepi, joins us to discuss the ongoing struggles of the Iranian people under the Islamic Regime. She sheds light on what it’s like to live abroad while worrying about her friends and family back home.

We also talk to Kathryne Auerbach, Executive Director of Movin’ Out an organization offering housing solutions for people and families with disabilities.

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An Iranian Ex-Pat Talks About Witnessing the Revolution From Afar

Over the weekend, Iranian police said they’ve started to install cameras in public to help them crack down on unveiled women. Reminder: last year, the police killing of Mahsa Amini led to nationwide protests against the country’s hijab law. While those protests have largely subsided, women have been openly defying the law. Women have been burning their hijabs and refusing to wear them. Now, police say the “smart” cameras will help them send a text message to violators, warning them against breaking the rules and reportedly threatening them with court proceedings. 

We talk to UWM Ph.D. student, Sepi (we are not using her last name for the safety of her and her family). She joins us to talk about what it’s been like since September. She reminds us that this oppression is not new… it’s been happening for 44 years.

What We Can Learn About Affordable Housing Development

Kathryne Auerback, Executive Director of Movin Out, joins us to talk about their work and what communities can learn about developing affordable housing for all sorts of communities. Movin’ Out is a Madison-based organization offering housing solutions for people and families with disabilities across the state of Wisconsin.

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